150 litre high pressure solar geyser picture

150 Litre High pressure solar geyser

R 25,000 Sale R 36,000

The solar water heater is designed for domestic hot water application in conjunction with one or more solar collector panels.
The Solar Water Heater is fitted with an isolator switch (IPX4 rated).
The two extra water connections required for connecting the solar collector panels and the booster element, ensures that the solar water heater can be used as a conventional electric water heater and as a solar water heater.
The solar water heater thermostat will automatically switch on when the incoming hot water from the solar collector panels has not reached the set temperature setting on the thermostat.
This will occur on cloudy days and at night when the water temperature drops in the solar water heater or when hot water is drawn off and cold water enters the solar water heater.

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