Kitchen counter top mount instant hot water taps.

Instant hot water tap with top digital display(on order) picture

KCASA ZH-SC 500-3500W Rotatable Water Faucet Instant Electric Faucet Hot And Cold Water Heater For Home

- Large-screen touch screen display, visible t…

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Kitchen stainless steel body faucet. digital display picture

Brushed stainless steel body instant hot water kitchen tap. 3000 watt heating element . Digital temperature display on the side.

Instant hot water kitchen tap picture

Instant hot water kitchen tap. Chrome finish. No geyser needed. Heats up water in seconds. Swivel stainless steel head. Digital temperature display. 

Kitchen stainless steel body faucet. digital display picture

 Slim design with an elegant brushed stainless steel body. Heats up in 15 seconds. Endless flow of hot water. Swivel action perfect for twin bow…

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Instant hot water kitchen faucet picture

Instant hot water faucet kitchen and basin. Product can also be used in the bathroom and bathroom basin. There is an option of a counter top mount or wall mount. Please specify which one.

Instant hot water tap kitchen picture

Instant hot water faucet. Heats up cold water in seconds. No need for a geyser as it has a built-in element that heats water as it flows. Cold and ho…

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